Why We’re Different

Our vision and mission serves as the atlas on our travels that guide us in the right direction to our destination and describes the elements necessary on our travels to achieve, endure and grow.

Our Vision

Our People: Be a company with a great culture and working environment that has the best people who are passionate and inspired to be the best they can be every day.

Our Culture: A business that feels like a family. Forward thinking, flexible, mutually respectful, reputable, honest, hard working and successful.

Our Service: Knowledgeable, experienced, professional, caring, down to earth, specialised individual care and meeting personal needs.

Our Community: Be responsible and contribute in our community, support and work with local businesses and give time and support to people in need through our work with our chosen charities both local and abroad.

Our Planet: Care for and protect our planet. Be proactive in doing all possible to minimise our carbon footprint as a business; for our clients and as individuals.

Our Mission

Our travels start with our mission, which is our purpose as a company and serves as the heart of our actions and decisions every day: “Inspire the pioneering spirit in all of us to travel, experience and connect with the world and others.”

In these ever changing times we must always look forward, embrace ongoing change and focus on continued growth to thrive as a business and to lead in our industry rather than follow. We live and breath quality, passion and professionalism in service and continue to love travel every minute of every day. We stand out in the crowd by being the best, with the best people. We make a difference in a client’s travel experience and help you see different paths to explore.

COVID19 Update

We are working from home!

Due to the Corona Virus our staff are now all working from home. We are here for our clients and thank you for your ongoing support.

For assistance please email your preferred store and the staff member required will get back to you.


Carnegie – carnegie@where2travel.com.au

Glen Waverley – glenwaverley@where2travel.com.au

Greensborough – greensborough@where2travel.com.au

Malvern – malvern@where2travel.com.au

Melbourne – melbournecity@where2travel.com.au

If you already have the staff member’s email, then please email them directly. Please note the message system on our landlines will not be monitored, so please do not leave a message.


The safety of both our staff and our clients is paramount. Thank you for your patience during this very trying time. We will be back in the office as soon as it is safe to do so.

Thank you and stay safe.