Our VIEW is that the perfect view from any hotel window, mountain top, across any landscape, in any city or on any mode of transport, is that our planet is healthy and those that are connected to it are as well. To care for our planet, all human beings, wildlife and to ensure that all Indigenous Cultures, their history and stories don’t fade, we want to focus on providing travel opportunities that include :

  • Volunteering

  • Indigenous cultures

  • Eco-tourism

  • Wildlife Conservation

Our VIEW is Responsible Travel (or we call it travelling with a conscience!).

We have chosen to select and develop travel itineraries that provide our clients, if they wish, with the opportunity to help protect the natural and cultural heritage of the planet while experiencing travel in all its splendour. Our travel itineraries provide opportunities to Volunteer at a desired destination; learn about Indigenous people, their history and culture and native land; to travel with an operator or stay at accommodation that is environmentally friendly and focuses on sustainability, supporting Eco-tourism and also the opportunity to be educated in and support Wildlife conservation. Our itineraries will focus on providing one or more of these opportunities.

We source travel providers, accommodation, charities and organisations that are like minded who provide Responsible Travel opportunities & experiences, whether they be private touring or exclusive escorted group departures. We will also tailor make an itinerary to make your dreams come true, so let us know what you are wanting to experience and how you would like to help protect the natural & cultural heritage of our planet.

Our clients are those with a passion to see new places and learn new things but want to do it in a responsible manner. If you care about our world, environment, wildlife and other human beings, then travel with VIEW.

Like to know more?

The staff here at Where2travel have a wealth of experience with over 160 years of collective destination knowledge. Our staff have traveled to every continent across the globe, please let us know if we can be of further assistance. We welcome your email.


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