Saturday, 1 December 2018 ----------- Hi Peter, What a fabulous trip. I am temple'd and bus-ed out. Cruiseco were so well organised with everything they did. Even changes to the itinerary didnt faze them. John Hickman was sensational with his organising of the golf, co-coordinating with Cruiseco before, during after the boat trip. Hats off to both of them. From the tour guides to the buses, they did it so professionally. Rosie was the Cruiseco Host on the boat. So professional, from singing to organising shows for the evening. Diversity of people - I was the youngest except for John & Nicole. Glad to get home. I think 14 days of Vietnam & Cambodia is more than enough. Many thanks for your assistance. ----------- Peter Heatchcock - where2travel Melbourne

Trevor Hamilton

Thursday, 11 October 2018 ----------- Hi Kate! Sorry for the delay. The cruise was great! I'm not sure if you want feedback on the cruise itself or on you guys...so I'll do both. Where2Travel: Awesome! Considering that a lot of stuff had to be organised at the last minute everything ended up working out fine. One of your coworkers (I don't remember her name sadly) sent me our last travel documents while you were away, which I really appreciated cause life was a bit chaotic at the time. Your advice for us to get the Chinese visas paid off - we talked with a few people who didn't buy them and suffered a lot of stress as a result, and a group we spoke to at the airport ended up appying for a visa on arrival, which resulted in them being stuck at the airport for a lot longer. We were able to have peace of mind, at least. Everything else planned worked out- the transfers, the flights, etc and we didn't have any problems. Cruise: We had a lot of fun! Getting on at Shanghai was the only downside, but that was the fault of the port staff and not Princess (I still gave feedback to them about that though). Otherwise we saw cool places, watched movies and swam a lot, and took lots of photos and videos for my grandmother to see. Kelsey really liked it, the trip overall exceeded her expectations and is now 100% on board with crusing. Thank you so much for everything! We both really appreciate it! From Lauren ----------- Kate Iles - where2travel Carnegie

Lauren & Kelsey