Meet The Team

Travelling from the age of three, Steph quickly developed a desire to explore the world around and this was fueled through extensive Middle Eastern and European travel and family holidays growing up.

Samantha is the Head of Marketing for where2travel.

Amanda has always had a passion for travel and knew that she wanted to be able to share her love of travel with other people and help them plan their dream holidays.

Rochelle’s appreciation for travel started at the age of 10. Since she was young, Rochelle has been lucky enough to have travelled internationally many times.

Lingling has been fortunate enough to travel to many places in Australia and around the world and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with their clients.

Liz loves travelling with her family and creating bespoke itineraries to unusual and out of the way destinations.

Bianca has been in the industry for 9 years and has travelled to many exotic destinations.

Whether it's lying on a beautiful beach, backpacking through Vietnam or enjoying the luxuries of a River Cruise, Simone can design an experience to suit.

Sue believes that it is almost like she is taking the trip herself, when she plans travel for her clients - as Sue is very passionate about her client's holidays.

Using her extensive travel experiences, Pam is passionate about assisting her clients with their travel plans.

Peter has been in the travel industry for over 30 years and in that time has gathered a wealth of travel experiences.

Tania has always had a passion for travelling, to try all of the different foods from all over the world.

Emanuela's early start to travel began at the age of 15 where she packed her bags and went to Italy on her first International holiday. From this, it started Emanuela's love affair for Italy and her interest and love of travel.

Providing one of a kind customer service, getting to know her client, and designing travel to suit their individual style is very important to Kate and hence why she has a large group of loyal clientele.

Having lived in London for 6 years and travelled extensively through the UK and Europe, which are her favourite destinations, Cassie enjoys sharing her knowledge on to fellow travelers.

Janet is now a specialist Group Tour Consultant. Over the years Janet has escorted a lot of tours to various parts of the world.

Diane is a great listener and travel designer. She turns dreams into reality, taking the big plans and breaking them down into the fine detail that is so essential for inspiring trips and memories that will last forever.

With her very broad range of experiences, Vicki likes nothing more than to make your travel dreams become reality.

James has for the 2nd year in a row made it to the final 5 of the National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA), Best Retail Consultant Australia Wide. we are very proud that James is part of our team.

From family holidays, holidays on a budget, honeymoons or luxury travel, Johanna enjoys helping her clients create special travel experiences that are full of value and memories.

Fiona has been lucky enough to travel to many varied places, and has stayed in different styles of accommodation from huts on the beach in Thailand to five star accommodation in Abu Dhabi.

Having children of her own who also love to travel, Jennie prides herself on helping create fun family holidays.

Caitlin believes that the special thing about travelling is that each destination brings its own rewards and if you travel the destination the best way for you, you will get out of it all that you wanted.

Sarit has been traveling all her life and she is very passionate about it. As well as being an active travel designer, Sarit is our Account Manager for all offices.